For Child Protective Services and at-risk children

Read this anonymous testimonial about how a psychologist used our program to help at-risk children:

I am a clinical, school and community psychologist in a Priority Intervention Area. I discovered The Feelings Detective in 2021 and found it very interesting. I wanted to develop my own socio-emotional program, but this one was already done and available, so I just adapted to the age range. I presented the program to the director, who gave his approval and we acquired the program.

I implemented the program in the 1st grade with one session per week. I go to classrooms during the day, show the videos and do the activities with the children. They love it and call me 'The Feelings Teacher.' When I couldn't go there for a month, they asked their home teacher every day, 'When is the Feelings Teacher coming back?'

I complemented the program with the 'Feelings Theater,' a puppet frame for children to role-play with the characters. When I sense that something happened in children's lives, I ask them to go to the theater box and tell the puppets how they feel and why. I identified 15 children at risk directly thanks to The Feelings Detective program, some of which I reported to the Child Protective Services. Of these children at risk, one suffered domestic violence and the other sexual abuse. These children are 6 years old! Despite the pain I felt when I discovered the abuse, it's a victory to get them to express it so we can get them to safety.

I recommend The Feelings Detective as a practical tool to all school and community psychologists.

How can I use this?

Educators and professionals can register to use one session for absolutely free. It consists of a video, a song, conversation suggestions and an arts and crafts. If you need more information, contact us.