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Ginja, why are you called Ginja?



The story of my name was like this. I came from England, where Miguel found my factory completely by chance when he was lost riding a bicycle in a small town near London. He showed me a friend who called me "Bulgy" because of my big eyes and leaving the face ("Bulge" in English means "protrudance").

By 2020, when we made the videos in Portuguese, we were looking for easier names to say in Portuguese. We thought of Catita, Alpha, Bruma, and others.

I no longer remember how Ginja came up, but we all liked it as soon as:

  • It's easy to say,
  • It is similar to the color of my hair,
  • It works for both boy and girl (gender equality is important to us).

It also indicates the beach where I make my videos at Lagoa de Óbidos, because of the famous "Ginja de Óbidos. "I am also a "Ginja d'Óbidos"!

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